Moment Garden's Next Step

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Jan 28, 2021
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Moment Garden is growing and we are excited to announce a leap towards improving the product that so many parents and their families love.
But first, let's back up. We started Moment Garden way back in 2010 to scratch our own itch: we and our friends were all starting families, but there was no safe and private place to save and share photos of our children. Existing social media sites had obvious privacy concerns and many new parents felt hesitant to overshare pictures of our kids among friends and acquaintances, while close friends and family couldn't get enough! We dreamed of solving the problem with a private app for families. Being software engineers, we opened our laptops and got to work. Within days, Moment Garden was born!
Over time, Moment Garden grew to include the features you know and love today: videos, mobile apps, photo books, Moment Memories, Montage Moments, Moment Garden Star, and more. Moment Garden has been bootstrapped and profitable from the start, which has ensured we could continue to support our loyal users indefinitely. But with Moment Garden continuing to grow into its second decade, it became difficult for us to support the ever expanding user base and constantly changing technology, while also adding requested features (and still having time to focus on our respective families!). We began looking for someone who could help guide Moment Garden into its next stage.
During this search, we found Colin, an experienced entrepreneur and mobile developer who understands the challenges of growing popular services and meeting the needs and expectations of a passionate user base. Starting today, Colin will be taking the reins at Moment Garden as the new majority owner, bringing fresh perspectives and new resources to make the app better, more modern, and feature-rich without sacrificing the simplicity, vision, and charm that we all appreciate.
Importantly, we will remain deeply involved with Moment Garden as minority owners and advisors (not to mention active users!). That means we'll be here to work hand and hand with Colin to keep Moment Garden's growth and development inline with the expectations of you, the families we have spent 10 years building for. Whether you use Moment Garden for free or have a paid Star subscription, you can expect to enjoy new features and a better app experience as we continue to work together to make Moment Garden an even better place to save and share your child's story indefinitely.
We appreciate that many of you chose Moment Garden because of our commitment to your and your family's privacy, and our new team members mean to keep that trust. Accordingly, there are no plans to move your data from its current location from our US based cloud servers, and we will not view, or allow others to view, any of your private moments or personal data unless you authorize us to for bug-fixes or development purposes, nor will we sell, share, or trade your information to any unrelated third parties, mass marketers, or other non-affiliated entities without your consent, except to our service providers that process the information for the purpose of providing Moment Garden’s services to you. You own your content, and you remain free to cancel your account and delete your data at any time by emailing us at
We'll have more to share in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we sincerely thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to growing Moment Garden with you.
Chris and Zack