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First, you rock for visiting this page! We beyond appreciate you being interested in joining our Community Panel! 😃
Whenever we're thinking about making a design change, or adding a feature, we're going to be getting the community involved. That means early "wireframes" (super rough box-ey flows), design documents, and different design concepts.
Once you have a developer build something, making a change is expensive. Ideas, on the other hand, are way easier to change! That's why we'll be running ideas by the Community Panel early and often. Once we have something we're excited about, we'll also be including it in our Monthly Community Updates.
You should join if:
  • You're interested in reading through a detailed design document every other month or so, and letting us know if you think we're on the right track!
  • You would enjoy giving design feedback when we're contemplating different design approaches to new features and functionality.
  • We can send you beta versions of Moment Garden to give early feedback on! Not all the features we give to the Community Panel will make it out to the official version. 🤫
And don't worry, this isn't some "ten people only" kind of thing. We're a small company, so we love getting all the feedback we can!
Join our Community Panel here 👉

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